Editable files are very easy to customize!

What is an editable file?

If you download an editable file from our shop you will be able to edit its text by yourself, with your own computer. That means that you will be able to personalize with your child’s name, use the words that your child understands or even translate them!

Problems with editable files? Follow these steps and fix your files!

What do I need to edit the files?

Editable files are so easy to modify. You only need to open the files with the most common PDF reader which is Adobe PDF reader. This software is completely free, you just have to make have it updated to the latest version to make the files work properly.

Erase the existing text, type your own and save the file!

Other Support

I see blue boxes over the text: Don’t worry! They’re just there to help you find where to click to enter text.

I have one of the following problems:

  • The font is smaller than the displayed in the pictures
  • The font is smaller than the displayed in the pictures
  • The font is different from the one displayed in the pictures
  • I can’t edit the pdf
  • I can’t save the pdf

All of these can be avoid by making shure sure that you have the Adobe Reader version updated and opening the file with the correct version. If you are using mac your computer may open the file with another reader by default, be sure to select the correct one.