There are many ways which you can choose build up your chart but here is a very simple one:


Print all the files downloaded files, there are a total of 5 pages to be printed. Choose your Reward Chart design.

Colors & Definition

Make sure to set your printer to get the best results for color and definition. If you are not happy with the quality of your printer, you always will be able to bring the files to your favorite printing store.


The best paper to use for laminating is medium weight cardstock/paper. It will turn into a resistant chart and closed edges. (100-200gr cardstock)

Normal paper is ok too.


Take the pages you have printed out and laminate them. Laminating before cutting will save you a lot of time!

There are many ways to laminate, however at-home laminators is my favorite. At home laminators are actually really cheap, you can find your really good quality one for $20-30, so that is an option for you just to know that they really aren’t that expensive. But if you don’t have any, you can also bring the pages at your favorite printing store where they will laminte the files for you for a few cents.

Just use the method which you find yourself most comfortable with.

You can cut with scissors, cutter, guillotine…All will work fine. Use a 1″ puncher for the buttons.

Cards and buttons can be stick to the chart with a sticky material that you can place and remove, like tape, velcro or blu tack…

Printables for personal use only.



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