Here is a free weekly reward chart that will help your child to keep motivated to complete the daily tasks.

You or your child can mark or put a sticker on the star each time the required task is completed. There is one for each day of the week.

And do you know what!? You will be able to write your child’s name and custom tasks so you can use it for chores, routine, behavior..or whatever you need. You just need to download the file open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader and erase the text and replace for your own by typing in the fiels (here you can find some help if your file isn’t working properly help )

I hope you and your family start to see improvements on your children’s behavior and routines! Have fun!

free reward chart for kids koala


Looking for more designs?

Here you can find other charts with task cards and encouragement buttons in many designs. Find your one!


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