There are a few simple steps you need to follow in case the file is not working properly. Especially if you are experimenting with different font size and type.

Sometimes the download is automatically opened by the internet broswer. This will disable all editable functions, so make sure not to edit the files there. Open the file directly from your computer folders with the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Even if you have the right software installed your computer may opens it with another program by default. This usually happens with Apple computers that automatically open PDF files with another reader software. So make sure to open it with the one mentioned above.

Adobe is not as perfect as we would like, you just will only be able to edit the files correctly on a computer. The files will not work on any other device..

You may need to update your adobe reader if you are using an old version. The latest one is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and you need this otherwise, many functions of this editable PDF won’t be working properly.

Important! You don’t need to pay to use it, the free version works pefectly and you won’t have any problems editing and saving your text.