Tired of reminding your kids to complete

simple basic tasks throughout the day?

Make it easy. Make it fun!

Printable routine cards for kids.

  • Help your child gain independence in basic routines
  • Free yourself from power struggles, yelling and constant reminding.

Inside the Routine Cards, you'll get:

Twentysix printable 8.5 x 11 inch pages for you to print using your home printer including the following routines:

You'll find


  • Do my hair
  • Brush my teeth
  • Take a bath or a shower
  • Wash my hands
  • Wash my face
  • Go potty
  • Take my medicines

    • Make my bed
    • Go to sleep on time
    • Take a nap
    • Story time
    • Clean bedroom
    • Pick up 20 things
    • Pick up toys


    • Eat vegetables
    • Eat my breakfast
    • Snack
    • Pack lunchbox
    • Set the table
    • Bring dishes to the sink
    • Load/Unload the dishwaser
    • Take out the garabage


    • Walk dog
    • Wash dog
    • Take care of my pet
    • Feed fish/animals


    • Go to the curch
    • Say a prayer
    • Read Bible


    • Go to school
    • Arrive on time
    • Pack/Unpack scoolbag
    • Read or create
    • Do my homework
    • Practice a musical instrument
    • Arts and crafts time
    • Sports
    • Gymnastics


    • Be quiet
    • Keep my glasses on
    • No hitting
    • Keep finger out of mouth
    • Do something nice for someone
    • Say something nice
    • Say "Please & Thank You"
    • Use my manners
    • Good listening
    • Appointment


    • Get dressed
    • Pajamas on
    • Pajamas away
    • Match socks
    • Shoes on
    • Socks on
    • Shoes and jacket
    • Fold clothes
    • Put clothes in the hamper
    • Put laundry away
    • Help with laundry
    • Put summer clothes on
    • Put winter clothes on


    • Help cooking
    • Help with groceries
    • Do my chores
    • Mop floor
    • Sweep
    • Clean windows
    • Dust shelves 
    • Vacuum floor
    • Clean the bathroom
    • Clean the car
    • Lights off
    • Water plants
    • Mow
    • Shovel snow
    • Get the mail


    • Eat vegetables
    • Eat my breakfast
    • Snack
    • Pack lunchbox
    • Set the table
    • Bring dishes to the sink
    • Load/Unload the dishwaser
    • Take out the garabage

    Easily Customise Your Flashcards!

    Write your child’s favourite words, change the meaning of the illustrations or even customise the language with your computer - just type in and print it out.

    * this is an editable PDF file and includes all the instructions to make it work properly.

    Easy step by step:

    Download your digital PDF files from your email

    Print the routine cards using your home printer on regular paper or cardstock

    Cut the cards out, laminate if desired

    Arrange and use the cards in anyway you want! 

    What parents are saying...

    ” I love the graphics of these, they are so fun and well done..."

    "I can print them and laminate as many as I need. My kids tend to destroy everything. I have 2 autistic boys and they struggle with remembering routines like taking off socks and shoes when they come home and hanging their backpacks. Because I am able to edit these I can type out these instructions and place them on the wall right when they come home so that they have fun, bright visuals to help remind them. I can also use these to give them more responsibilities around the house while making it fun with the chart. The price in my opinion is amazing as well. I would give more stars if I could”

    - Crystal

    "Fabulous set of cards"

    Cute designs. Has helped so much with daily chores!

    - Marianne

    My kids responded nicely!

    Love these so much, my kids have really responded to these nicely!

    - Megan McPhee

    ​You can tailor it!

    I appreciate that you can edit the wording to fit your family and that the images are very explanatory of that chore.

    - Roselyn's Mommy

    "Worth the money"

    The cards are wonderful and easy for little ones to understand. Well worth the money.

    - Priscilla Germain

    Clear pictures

    These are the best graphics for kids! I had a different set of chore cards, but my kids couldn’t tell what the picture was trying to communicate. These are colorful, fun, and very clear. My kids love them!

    - Megan Rutell 

    You can hang them on your child's wall, put them on the refrigerator, or keep them loose to help give your kid's instructions as necessary.

    Download today and get the peaceful home you want!