Chores, without complaining? Good behavior at home, without struggles? If you are dealing every day with the mess of your children, fuss mornings or bedtime power struggle, it may sounds impossible to you!  How many times have you wondered what you could do to get their attention and get the things done?

You need help in making expectations clear and making it fun. You should provide your chilren with the tools they need to be successful. Little Graphics’ chore charts have everything to be that tool: are fun, clear, customizable and evolutive. They will be the open door to raise responsible adults.

A chore chart is not only a perfect tool with which kids get excited about chores but also feel engaged to correct bad behavior, learn new habits and gain responsibility.

Let's see how to make a fun chore chart for kids:

Put your child's name on the chart and edit task cards.

Custom all text to make it easy for your child. Use understandable words or vocabulary to be leraned next to the pictures to create removable task cards. These little cards will let you reuse the chart over and over again, and you will be able to replace tasks to add new ones on the chart, according to your child's improvement and evolution.

With Little Graphics' printable charts you will have everything done. You just have to type your text in easily using your computer. You will save time skipping hours of design, edition and research of clipart. Then just save the personalized files and jump to the next step.

Print the files out.

Once your digital files are ready, you can go ahead with printing. You decide which way is best for you to print it out: You can print it at home, bring it to a printing store or use an online printing service. You can use normal paper if you are going to laminate pages later, otherwise, it is recommened to use medium weight cardstock paper. 

Once you have the chart on your hands, your child will have their goals closer.

An indestructive and reusable chore chart.

Take the pages you printed out and laminate them so that it will last and evolve along with your child. If you don't have a home laminator you should know that are actually really cheap and addictive ?, you can find really good quality one for $19. But if you don’t have any, you can also bring the pages at your favorite printing store where they will laminte the files for a few cents.

Use any material you find at home such as tape, blu tack, velcro or magnets to move the pieces on the chart.

Laminate before cutting will save you a lot of time! You can cut with scissors, cutter, a guillotine... all works fine and you can choose the easiest for you. Buttons will fit one inch puncher.

The task cards containing items such as chores, routine and behavior will be your child's goals along the year so keep them save in a box or envelope. Then just pick the most priority ones to be displaye on the chart. Replace cards when your child has assimilated a task currently on the chart.

Use any material you find at home to create movable pieces.

Materials such as tape, blu tack, velcro magnets...will be fine. Once you have cut all the pieces out, choose the ones you want to display on the chart and attach them so you can place or remove the buttons and cards.

Here you have more information on how to use a Reward Chart.


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