Blue Chore Chart


Your child will be motivated to do everything you put on this blue chart. Start improving bad behavior and achieve a paceful routine. Your child will learn how to take care of himself and will gain responability.

This is an instant download and contains more than 80 cards with behavior + routine + chores and engouragement buttons.

Costumize the name on the chart and other text by easily typing in the gaps.

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This instant download reward chart will help you to achieve a paceful home by motivating your child to master chores, daily routine and good behavior.
+ improved behavior.
+ more organization in the daily routine.
+ gained self-esteem, as they feel the satisfaction of a job well done!
+ self-sufficiency and responsibility.
+ cheerful moments together!
+ all while your little one happily learns new life skills.
+ much more!
It has a total of 5 pages.


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