Boy Routine Charts 3 Columns


Make your life easy with this visual routine chart organizer. Your little boy will easily understand what she is expected to do. This charts will turn the routine into a fun game!

This is a digital download for high quality files for you to print at home or at your favorite printing store. All files are regular page size. Laminating is recommended.

* C H A R T S
Includes Morning, Afternoon, Bedtime routine individual TO DO charts.

* C H O R E · C A R D S (EDITABLE!!)
More than 80 chore cards. You will be able to write your own wording typing directly over the exsiting text. That means that you will be able to write it in any language using the words you child understants. Blank cards are also provided.

5 reviews for Boy Routine Charts 3 Columns

  1. Natalie Sarboiu

    Great – Nice and clear, and printed great! 🙂 Just what i was looking for 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Stephens

    Really helpful for my son. Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth Drennan

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this exact chore chart system. Morning, afternoon and evening routines where kids can clearly see what is expected of them and can move things into a “done” category to earn screen time, etc. The graphics and colors on this are gorgeous and saturated, and the routines have graphics for my preschool age son so he can understand what is expected by looking at the pictures if he doesn’t know how to read the word yet. Easy to edit and there are even extra routine cards that you can edit for your own needs. Really well done product!Elizabeth Drennan

  4. Kristine Whalen

    very cute and customizable for my son’s morning and evening routine

  5. Julz83

    Gorgeous graphics, my kids love them!

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