Emotion Cards


Flashcards are a great visual way to introduce emotions and feelings vocabulary to children. Recognize and name each emotion is the first step to improve emotional intelligence.

These emotion cards show different body language associated with certain emotions and feelings and they can be used in multiple ways, you just need to have fun with them!

It also includes a visual chart with all the vocabulary to have it all at a glance.

These emotion and feeling cards contain up to 24 vocabulary basic words and pictures: Happy, Sad, Scared, Angry, Surprised, Disgusted, Upset, Excited, Afraid, Shy, Disappointed, Mad, Embarrassed, Bored, Loved, Proud, Tired, Confused, Sleepy, Frustrated, Calm, Hopeful, Nervous, Astonished.

Use them to play as regular flashcards, to practice exercises, to play card games, to decorate the room and whatever you imagine! You are just at one click far to download, print and enjoy this educational resource that will let you to start talking with your child about emotions and toughts to build better connection and understanding between you.

These files have editable text so you can change the meaning of the pictures or even translate it, very easily, just by typing the desired text with your computer. It’s fantastic! Isn’t it?

Laminate before cutting is recommended to get this printable ready in a flash . Editable file instructions included for extra help. Remember! This is a digital item which you can download just right after purchase and print at home or at your favorite printing store.

12 reviews for Emotion Cards

  1. Katie

    I bought the emotions flash cards and love them!! I searched high and low and this was one of the only resources that had children of all different colors! As an adoptive mom of a child of a different race this means the world to me!

  2. Sofie

    PARFAIT ! très facile de le modifier pour en français !

  3. Michael

    Shipment was very fast- basically downloaded it from the internet. The cards were very nice to use to learn the emotions. Very colourful and attractive cards.

  4. Lauren

    Great Item. Lots of different emotions included.

  5. Rebecca

    Used these for a craft project. Download was easy and quick. The small size cards has multiple on each page. The large ones were on each page separately.
    Turned out exactly what I needed and well worth the purchase.

  6. Abigail25

    Awesome design! Really thoughtfully made.

  7. Maria Elisa

    I Love It! Fantastic to using during circle time.

  8. Jenny

    Perfect!! Making them into a memory match game for my children’s mental health practice.

  9. Kate

    Very beautiful! my little princess loves it!

  10. pkmaka


  11. fatesuntold

    Exactly as expected. No issue printing them. They are so cute too!

  12. jillian7717


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