Pink Chore Chart


Your child will be motivated to do everything you put on the chart. Start improving what is not working at home, behavior problems, chores and routine.
This is an instant download and contains more than 80 chores, behavior and routine little illustrated cards, a colorful chart and engouragement buttons.

Costumize the name on the chart and other text by easily typing in the gaps.

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This instant download reward chart will help you to achieve a paceful home by motivating your child to master chores, daily routine and good behavior.

+ improved behavior.
+ more organization in the daily routine.
+ gained self-esteem, as they feel the satisfaction of a job well done!
+ self-sufficiency and responsibility.
+ cheerful moments together!
+ all while your little one happily learns new life skills.
+ much more!

It has a total of 5 pages.