Pirate Reward Chart


Positive changes in sight! A task boat approaches our island.

Not all pirates need to find great and grand treasures, some of them just need to be more orderly, clean, responsible, and ultimately, learn to be more responsible.

Download this Reward Chart Pack and avoid a shipwreck. Drop the sail of your ship and let the wind of imagination take you in the right direction.

In this pack you will download:

  • Pirate Chart (Letter Size / A4)
  • Matching Badges
  • 80 Task Cards (routine, chores & behavior)

It is Editable Text & Easy Assembling

You can type your child’s name and change the text to fit your needs or even translate it. All by yourself, just right after downloading the files. It is so easy. Just using your computer and Adobe pdf reader.

It is recommended to print on photo mat paper or heavyweight cardstock. You can print at home or at a local / online printing service. Laminate to reuse over and over again.


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