Traffic Light Anger Control Game


Problems with anger behavior?

This game help kids to manage their anger by turning the red emotions into green emotions using the yellow tools.

By playing a fun game they will learn the three basic steps to stop and control tantrums and irritation in order to find a solution.

After hours of play, this will become a mental resource and an acquired behavior that will help your children to avoid anger for the rest of their lives.


* Instant download file with editable text

Game instructions: Place the pieces at the correct place and decide how they should act according to their feelings.

Assembling instrucctions: Make a folder with pockets to keep the pieces.

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1 review for Traffic Light Anger Control Game

  1. The Yellow Umbrella

    Great idea and cute calm down idea – seriously there are a lot yellow calm down ideas (20) which is great variety to talk about with kids

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